The Fahro system

Choosing a heating system today means having several choices in addition to traditional boiler heating systems.

EF90 chose Farho to offer an electrical central heating system.

The versatility of the Farho system provides optimum performance without the need to install a boiler, nor to undertake special masonry work.

The running temperature and the capacity of heat retention of the Farho radiators ensures a serious alternative, reliable and economical for many applications for central heating or to supplement other systems.

Our long experience in the field of electric heating has allowed us to become official distributors for Italy of this versatile and innovative solution.

How it works

Aluminium and ironclad electric heaters with low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency, combined with fahroil thermal fluid, patented in collaboration with Shell, have created the possibility of an optimal ratio of heat output and consumption.

The Farho radiators, if of the proper size and in environments with optimum insulation, use up to half the total operating time, alternating periods of operation and retention periods at zero consumption. Reaching the same running temperature of traditional systems and the diffusion of heat by natural convection without any kind of forced emission of hot air but through a gradual and long-lasting heating of the heating elements.

The models

Farho radiators fit aesthetically into any environment. You can choose from two different types: a simple analogue thermostat, model Alejandria, ideal for occasional use, practical to use and simple in operation, or a weekly digital clock thermostat, model Xana Plus, with the ability to set up to six time slots daily choosing both the optimal running temperature or the running temperature  to be maintained in your absence.

Radio control and the possibility of remote ignition

The model XANA PLUS has the ability to be remotely activated by SMS via dedicated ECU NEXHO / provided for housing through a sim card.

It can become an interesting solution for a second home in the mountains.

The ability to manage each individual radiator by radio also makes it particularly appreciated in the area of refurbishing hotels

Cost estimates consumption

For any kind of request or interest we can carry out a detailed study of costs and consumption in addition to indicating the correct radiator model to choose, estimated consumption being based on the number of hours of use envisaged. To make sure that our calculations are correct the environments where they will be placed must have good insulation.

Easy installation

With two simple wall brackets and the connection to an electrical outlet, an installer can set up the heating system for an entire apartment in a matter of hours.

Each model has the ability to be alternatively mounted on wheels, if there is no possibility or space for wall mounting. The only model that cannot be mounted on casters is the three elements being a question of the minimum space necessary for housing the wheel kit.



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